What Should I Look For in a Delray Beach Rehab?

Overview Of Addiction Treatment Services

The kind of treatment provider you or a loved one may be looking for in Delray Beach, Florida may depend on the intensity of their drug or alcohol addiction as well as on the specific kind of substance abuse that they engaged in.

For instance, alcohol treatment often must begin with finding a treatment provider capable of handling medical detox, since acute alcohol withdrawal can unfortunately result in a medical emergency if it is not dealt with in a timely manner by addiction specialists or some other qualified health provider.

Since, in this case, to disregard professional medical advice could potentially result in a fatality, you should always seek out the opinion of someone highly qualified for rendering medical advice as opposed to trying to go cold turkey. Delray Beach, Florida alcohol rehab facilities will usually administer benzodiazepines (which, incidentally, can also cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms if they are stopped suddenly) as part of alcohol treatment until the dangerous symptoms have subsided and those can be tapered as well.

Medical detox in an inpatient rehab setting is also often recommended in the case of opioid abuse, since withdrawal from opioids is known to be so physically excruciating, and a quality treatment provider will likely be equipped to provide medication that can make these symptoms more bearable.

Aside from alcohol treatment in detox, the most intensive form of substance abuse treatment available in American addiction centers would likely be residential treatment. Residential or inpatient rehab in Delray Beach, Florida is generally recommended for patients who are dealing with a severe drug addiction, or who have relapsed following a less intensive rehab program.

In Delray Beach, FL inpatient rehabilitation centers, patients live full time at their drug or alcohol treatment center, which ensures relapse prevention as patients have practically no opportunity to resume their drug abuse. However, for patients dealing with more mild or moderate addictions, outpatient treatment programs can often be just as successful as inpatient programs.

Inpatient programs also have the benefit of allowing patients to continue to engage in “real life” outside their Delray Beach, FL treatment center, making their eventual transition to a more independent lifestyle less abrupt than the one experienced by patients who must transition from inpatient rehab to the outside world.

Outpatient treatment can include partial hospitalization programs, in which a recovering drug addict can expect to spend several hours a day several days a week in treatment programs at their outpatient drug and alcohol rehab. Often, patients will begin their outpatient drug and alcohol rehab at this highly intense level as a “step down” from inpatient treatment, gradually transitioning into a less intense rehab program and then into whatever aftercare services are associated with their American addiction centers.

What to Expect At Our Delray Beach, FL Addiction Treatment Centers

Our intensive outpatient program is located in Delray Beach, FL, a small Palm Beach County town south of West Palm Beach that is known nationwide as one of the leaders of the drug rehab behavioral health industry. If you are on a quest to browse rehab centers in the Delray Beach, Florida area and wondering what sets our private and convenient solution apart, you may be interested in learning more about what our outpatient treatment center has to offer.

Our specific rehab center is set apart by our incorporation of holistic treatment methodologies as well as evidence based therapeutic practices that are the best the behavioral health industry has to offer. For instance, one of our central treatment practices is cognitive behavioral therapy, a highly regarded form of addiction treatment that seeks to help patients address their maladaptive substance abuse behaviors by helping them to address the distorted thought patterns that underlie them and to develop new, healthier coping mechanisms that they can use instead.

Our highly trained treatment facility staff is equipped to offer professional medical advice, which can often constitute medical advice regarding the prescription of any necessary medications. Medication can be prescribed in addiction treatment programs to help patients deal with the symptoms of comorbid mental illnesses that may be fueling patients’ drug abuse, or as a direct pharmaceutical intervention aimed at the drug abuse itself.

For instance, our Delray Beach, Florida treatment facility sometimes uses the medication Vivitrol, an opioid antagonist that is administered as a monthly long lasting injection, eliminating the chance for a patient to forget or deliberately forgo their dose. This highly successful drug will work to reduce patient’s cravings for opioids and prevent them from getting high if they do relapse, and it can also make drinking less enjoyable and reduce cravings for alcohol.

Our focus on overall physical and spiritual wellness as well as on the nitty gritty and practical matters of recovery also sets us apart among American addiction centers. Holistic treatments that we incorporate into our outpatient programs include treatment practices like yoga, adventure therapy, equine facilitated psychotherapy, and art therapy.

Our Delray Beach, FL drug and alcohol rehab programs also incorporate therapy programs focusing on helping patients to process and move past traumatic experiences that may have fueled their addiction, helping them to reframe their experiences in the context of a hopeful and healing narrative that can become a cornerstone of their recovery.

This work continues in our group therapy programs, some of which are based on the well known and widely respected twelve step methodology pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, give our Delray Beach, FL patients a chance to connect with each other, which will also enhance their healing process and help them to build lasting friendships and support systems.

This process naturally extends into our active alumni program, which involves events and weekly support group meetings at our Delray Beach, FL location as well as pairing each incoming patient with an alumni “buddy” who can help “show them the ropes” of life in recovery, keeping themselves actively engaged in recovery in the process.

Get Your Loved One Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Our rehab center provides a private and convenient solution for anyone seeking addiction treatment, and we can also refer you to an inpatient rehab affiliate if you are seeking addiction treatment in Delray Beach, FL but do not yet feel ready for an outpatient treatment program. To learn more about the intense therapeutic programs offered at our specific rehab center, which is respected as one of the best treatment centers in Delray Beach, Florida, feel free to call us anytime at (561) 678-0618.