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Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse disorder is a serious mental illness characterized by an inability to control one’s drug and alcohol use. Untreated substance addiction can interfere with an individual’s ability to care for themselves and to lead a productive, healthy life as well as lead to irreversible health consequences or even death.

Thus, seeking addiction treatment for someone who is afflicted by these mental health conditions as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Early intervention services are essential to giving the the person struggling with substance abuse the best chance possible at recovery, as behaviors associated with substance abuse will only become more and more entrenched the longer they are allowed to continue.

However, substance abuse treatment can take many forms, forms you may not be familiar with if you are new to seeking addiction treatment services. For instance, the primary form of addiction treatment that you are familiar with may be residential treatment programs, also known as inpatient programs.

In these addiction treatment programs, patients will live full time at their inpatient treatment facility, totally immersing them in the addiction treatment environment to ensure relapse prevention. However, for some patients, depending on their personal health information, a treatment provider that can offer high quality behavioral healthcare in the form of outpatient substance abuse treatment can be just as effective as more restrictive options.

In an intensive outpatient program, patients are expected to spend between fifteen and twenty hours a week in addiction treatment, but are free to live at home or in an associated sober living residence rather than at the treatment center.

You can keep reading to learn more about residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, who can benefit from IOP treatment, and why our specific rehab center is among the best options for anyone seeking addiction treatment.

Our Delray Beach Intensive Outpatient Program offers exceptional quality care standards, a wide variety of treatment options, and treatment practices backed by accurate medical information and the latest behavioral health industry research. Our intensive outpatient treatment programs may be the perfect private and convenient solution to you or your loved one’s struggles with substance abuse and mental health, and their first stop on the road to long term sobriety and a far healthier future.

Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Right For You?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP treatment) is generally thought to be suitable for patients who are suffering from relatively mild substance abuse problems, who are thought to be at relatively low risk of relapsing.

These patients may have a strong support system at home, meaning that family members can help them to stay accountable outside of their intensive outpatient program. The specific rehab center you choose may also have sober living homes that are associated with the treatment provider, which could be a good source of additional accountability while you or your loved one works through their addiction treatment.

Intensive outpatient treatment can also be a good option for people who cannot afford the generally more expensive residential treatment, or who cannot afford to take as much time off work as a stint in inpatient treatment centers would generally require.

Similarly, outpatient treatment can be the best option for patients who have family obligations that prevent them from being willing or able to commit to a substantial stint in an inpatient program. It can also be a private and convenient solution for someone who does not want others to know that they are seeking addiction treatment but who is looking to take control of their substance abuse and mental health.

Intensive outpatient programs are also a popular option for patients who are transitioning out of residential programs and back into everyday life, who still need some level of support but not the intensity of mental health services that they would find in an inpatient program.

However, inpatient programs are generally more appropriate for someone whose physical or mental health would make the recovery process dangerous if it took place as intensive outpatient treatment. For instance, if alcohol abuse has resulted in serious withdrawal symptoms, healthcare providers capable of rendering medical advice should probably be on hand to intervene in case of an emergency.

Similarly, in the case of other drug abuse, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms may be so unbearable that they are best addressed in specialized behavioral treatment facilities rather than in intensive outpatient programs. Someone whose mental health issues makes them a danger to themselves or others also would be a poor fit for intensive outpatient treatment programs.

What To Expect In Intensive Outpatient Programs

Though what an intensive outpatient program (IOP) will offer depends to some degree on the specific rehab center you or your loved one chooses to attend, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind as you explore additional treatment options.

The primary form of treatment offered for alcohol abuse or drug abuse will generally be individual counseling. In these therapy sessions, the latest in behavioral healthcare will inform therapist treatment practices, which may include addressing any co occurring disorders affecting the patient’s mental health, teaching the patient coping strategies, and working through whatever trauma may have contributed to the patient’s drug abuse.

Substance abuse treatment practices in intensive outpatient programs may also involve family therapy sessions, which can serve as a private and convenient solution to long-held family issues that may be harder to address without behavioral healthcare providers present to mediate and offer insight. Family therapy may also help set the stage for relapse prevention, as loved ones may learn from the patient’s treatment provider how best to help recovering addicts to avoid their triggers and keep control of their mental health.

Relapse prevention groups may also be among the high quality behavioral healthcare and various forms of group therapy offered in an intensive outpatient program (IOP), as might other group therapy treatment options. For instance, group therapy may be offered that focuses on specific co occurring disorders, or support groups may be offered that explore additional treatment options like the twelve steps.

Group therapy-like experiences may then continue in outside support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, which give those who use them a safe space to share personal health information and continue to fuel their substance abuse rehabilitation.

Treatment options you may encounter in intensive outpatient programs may also include medication management. Standard outpatient programs will take into account an individual’s personal health information to determine if pharmaceutical addiction medicine may be a valuable addition to an individual’s substance abuse treatment program.

According to the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration, medication management for alcohol abuse may involve medications like naltrexone, which we prescribe to some of our patients in the form of the once monthly medication Vivitrol.

Thanks to more progressive attitudes in the behavioral health industry, more and more American addiction centers are beginning to recognize that these medications may be valuable treatment options for a significant portion of their patients, and high quality behavioral healthcare providers should have an open minded approach to the use of medication in addiction treatment.

Get Help For Drug And Alcohol Abuse At Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program is one of the leading substance abuse treatment centers nationwide and a recognized leader in the behavioral health industry. We are accredited by the National Institute of Health and the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration, and staffed by credentialed medical providers specializing in addiction medicine.

We provide a private and convenient solution to anyone looking to explore additional treatment options, and the exceptional quality care standards of our specific rehab center make us a leader among American addiction centers. High quality behavioral healthcare providers will take into account your personal health information when presenting you or your loved one with individualized treatment options, and will do everything possible to help you regain your mental health.

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