Is Mental Health Treatment Available At Delray Beach Rehabs?

What Kind Of Addiction Treatment Do I Need In Delray Beach, FL?

If you are entering addiction recovery in acute withdrawal due to chemical dependency, you may need to begin your treatment plan with medically monitored detox services. Depending on which specific drugs were involved in your substance abuse, medical detox may involve outpatient detoxification or inpatient detoxification. In an appropriate treatment facility or alcohol rehab center, medical care offered by addiction specialists will be able to ensure that you remain medically stable as you experience drug and alcohol withdrawal.

However, medical detox will likely only be require for a period of a few days to a week, after which you will be able to move on to residential treatment or to intensive outpatient treatment. This may involve inpatient services, which requires patients to live in the treatment facility itself.

If the patient is in stable enough mental health to ensure relapse prevention, however, they may be able to instead progress to a partial hospitalization program, which requires them to spend much of their week in drug and alcohol addiction treatment but allows them to live outside of the treatment center.

Why Is Addressing Co Occurring Disorders So Critical To Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach, FL?

After a patient completes medical detox in a stable environment to address the chemical dependency portion of their addiction, one of the priorities when it comes to their addiction treatment is to address any co occurring disorders.

Many people with drug or alcohol addiction have what is known as dual diagnosis, which means that they struggle with a mental illness along with their drug and alcohol addiction. These mental health issues can fuel each other as patients self medicate their symptoms, with may at first offer them relief but will inevitably backfire as the substance abuse becomes a major problem in and of itself.

Once someone has reached that point, it is usually advisable for them to visit a Florida rehab dedicated to offering mental health treatment as well as substance abuse treatment, so that they address these two related behavioral health issues at the same time. In outpatient therapy, professionals can help clients to tease apart the connections between their mental health issues and their drug and alcohol addiction with specialized therapies suited to dual diagnosis treatment.

What Kind Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Do We Offer In Delray Beach, FL?

At our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs in Delray Beach, FL, we are equipped to handle patients who suffer from a variety of co occurring disorders, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder.

One way that we achieve this is through cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence based treatment which has been scientifically proven to facilitate improved behavioral health for patients suffering from a variety of mental health disorders. In cognitive behavioral therapy, therapists aid in the recovery process by teaching patients healthier methods of coping with the symptoms of their mental disorders so they will not have to resort to substance abuse to cope.

Group therapy is another important tenet of our partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment programs. In group therapy, patients have the valuable chance to connect with others who share their struggles with mental illness and drug addiction, allowing them to feel less alienated and to build meaningful connections with others in substance abuse treatment.

Other treatment services we offer include equine therapy, which similarly builds patients’ capacity to connect and trust by taking them through simple tasks with equine (horse) partners. We also offer adventure therapy, which works to help patients overcome their mental health disorders uniquely by immersing them in transformative experiences.

This adventure therapy can empower our clients, helping them to rebuild their self-esteem after their harrowing experiences in drug and alcohol addiction, so that they can continue their journey towards a fulfilling life in Delray Beach, FL.

Near our Palm Beach county treatment facility, we also offer sober living community housing that allows our patients to immerse themselves in their drug addiction treatment at home as well as in our treatment center. They will be held additionally accountable to their intensive outpatient program by our staff, who will verify their attendance at all appropriate individual and group therapy and their abstinence from drugs and alcohol through regular urine tests.

Another form of substance abuse treatment we offer at our treatment center is medication assisted treatment. Trained psychiatrists will evaluate every new patient and assess them for any mental health disorders, as well as the degree of their drug and alcohol dependence. From there, they will determine whether medication assisted treatment should be a part of their individualized treatment programs.

This medication assisted treatment may involve Vivitrol, a once monthly injection that works to reduce drug and alcohol cravings by serving as an opioid antagonist, meaning it will bond to the brain receptors that drug and alcohol would usually bond to.

At the same time, vivitrol also facilitates dual diagnosis treatment because the fact that it blocks out these receptors means that any opiate drug and alcohol will not produce the same euphoric effects they usually do even if the patient does attempt to relapse on them.

This will solidify a patient’s commitment to their substance abuse treatment and enhance their ability to remain abstinent from drug and alcohol, allowing them the mental space they need to focus on addressing their mental health and dual diagnosis.

Our dual diagnosis treatment program may also involve equipping our patients with the appropriate pharmaceutical treatment for their co occurring disorders, such as anti-depressant or mood stabilizing medications. With their co occurring disorders more thoroughly controlled, they will have less reason to go back to substance abuse to manage untreated mental health symptoms.

Get Addiction Treatment Now In Delray Beach, FL

Our luxury facility in Palm Beach County is the prime destination for dual diagnosis treatment in Delray Beach. Private health insurance will usually cover substance abuse and mental health treatment at our Delray Beach, FL treatment centers, though you will have to consult our treatment program about your specific policy.

Feel free to contact us any time to learn more about our individualized treatment plans at 833.637.033 or contact us online anytime here. If our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program are not adequate to meet your needs, we can also help refer you to a more appropriate South Florida drug rehab for residential treatment. Whatever your mental health issues and whatever addiction treatment will look like for you, time for you to get back on the road to addiction recovery and healthy life.