Addiction is a serious disease which requires treatment. Unfortunately, many who need treatment for addiction never receive it because of believing in untrue myths about it. Join us as we debunk some of these common myths and reveal the truth about addiction.

1.  “People Choose to Become and Stay Addicted”

This is probably one of the most popular and most untrue of addiction myths. The reality of addiction is that when you start using drugs or alcohol, you don’t want to stop; but when you want to stop, you can’t.

Addiction involves activating the reward centers in the brain, which triggers large amounts of feel-good chemicals to be released. Once the brain becomes dependent on this “rush” created by these chemicals, a person’s desire to use a substance can become so strong that they are simply unable to stop.

2.  “Willpower Is Enough”

Willpower is a very effective tool that can be used to overcome alcohol or drug abuse. However, willpower alone is not enough; a person with addiction must undergo holistic treatment that removes the substance from their body, treats withdrawal with medications and psychotherapy, and provides them with the needed tools for relapse prevention.

3.  “Cold Turkey Is the Best Way to End Addiction”

This is a very dangerous myth because the reality is exactly the opposite; by suddenly depriving the body of a substance on which it has become dependent, a person can experience withdrawal symptoms so severe that they end up needing emergency treatment.

As well, quitting cold turkey doesn’t remove a substance from the body, which means that a person’s chance of relapse remains high. Detox is the only way to completely physically remove a substance and prepare a person for the next step in their addiction recovery.

4.  “People with Addiction Are ‘Bad’ or Fit Other Stereotypes”

Another myth is that only “bad” people develop addiction, it only happens to people who like to party, and so on. The truth is that addiction does not discriminate; it can affect people of every age, every income, and all walks of life because addiction is a disease of the brain.

5.  “Getting Treatment Will Make Addiction Go Away”

A person who has received treatment for their addiction will still always have that addiction because it is a chronic disease. Once they’ve received needed treatment, however, that person will have the tools they need to manage their disease, such as controlling cravings and knowing when to call their support person.

6.  “Relapse Means Failure and No Hope for Recovery”

Relapse is very common among those who have received treatment for addiction. Why? Because addiction is a persistent medical condition that may require more than one treatment attempt before a person is able to manage it successfully.

In fact, relapse can be an important indicator that a more intense treatment program is needed than originally suspected, and it allows a person to receive the most effective treatment possible.

7.  “Addiction Is Impossible if You’re Taking a Prescribed Drug”

This myth is absolutely untrue; for proof, all that’s needed is to look at what’s occurring with the opioid crisis. Opioids are very effective painkillers, but they are also very highly addictive. Other prescription drugs may not be addictive, if taken as prescribed, but they can become addictive when too much is taken, a person uses them for reasons other than directed, or if someone takes medication not prescribed for them.

8.  “You Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before You Can Seek Treatment”

Another completely untrue myth is that a person who struggles with addiction has to wait until they hit rock bottom before they get help. In fact, many people with addiction realize they need help before getting to this point. Those with family members needing addiction treatment can also help their loved ones before they hit rock bottom, by staging an intervention.

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